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Large Transaction: NVDA Director Sells $30 Million

NVDA Director Stevens has recently increased his selling activity

On June 10, shares of NVIDIA Corp. (NVDA) hit an all-time high of $380, due in part to a late May report of first quarter earnings and revenue that exceeded analysts' expectations. Between June 19 and July 2, Director Mark A. Stevens indirectly sold a total of 79,381 shares through his trust at an average price 0.3% above the high. As seen on the graph below, the aggregate $30.2 million sale is Stevens' tenth at the graphics processor company and decreased his holdings by 4.4%. Shares of NVDA hit a new high of $402.80 at the time of publication.

Stevens also disposed a total of 121,125 shares for an aggregate $32.1 million in late March and early April, as described in an article published April 9. His decision to almost double-down on his selling activity is of interest, and may indicate he believes the stock will not continue its impressive run up. Shareholders may consider reevaluating their exposure to NVDA in the coming weeks.

NVDA CEO and President Jen-Hsun Huang sold $38 million on July 1 under a pre-arranged stock trading plan (see details). 

You can access articles as they are published on EZ-Insider (see original story), and EZ-Insider on Bloomberg.

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