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Foreign Filers and Insider Trading Disclosures

Finance is global, but what about insider trading disclosure?

One of the most common questions from users of EZ-Insider is "why cant I find this foreign company on your service?"

The truth is that companies based outside of the US are subject to fewer insider trading disclosure requirements, and companies that have never filed insider filings are not available in our database. Fortunately, while many foreign companies' insiders do not file Form 4s to disclose insider transactions, they do file forms that shed light on insider activity. 

Form 144 filings register restricted or control securities for sale, and often disclose recent insider transactions on their second page. These are the most common filings by foreign firms, and by looking at the second page of a Form 144 you can ascertain if an insider has traded recently. 

Click here for more information about Form 144 filings

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