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The Washington Service has an ever expanding proprietary database of Form 144 filings, which we leverage to give your brokerage firm unique insights into the corporate executive brokerage market.

Form 144 Broker Insights

SEC Form 144s provide a large amount of information about an insider's potential sale, including the brokerage involved in the transaction. The Washington Service maintains an industry-leading database of Form 144 data that is updated in real-time, allowing our subscribers to see which brokerages corporate executives trade through. Our insider trading database also helps brokers to identify potential clients, and our research can help brokerages spot opportunities in the marketplace. 

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Competitive Intelligence and the Form 144 Broker Market

It is often hard to know how your brokerage stacks up against others in the highly competitive market for brokering corporate executive's and insider's stock trades. Data compiled by The Washington Service can provide near real-time information about how competitors stack up. The free Mid-Monthly 144 Broker Market Share Report provides insights into which brokerages handled the highest volume in the previous month, and any changes to the 10b5-1 plan market. 

The Washington Service also can provide a monthly Competitive Intelligence report with details about how a specific brokerage performed in the previous month, more in-depth analysis, and annual metrics. 

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Custom Research for Deeper Insight

We have extensive experience in doing custom research projects to provide clients with specific insights into the Form 144 Broker Market. Reach out to us to discuss how we can help provide you with actionable intelligence into the marketplace. 

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The Washington Service is able provide a variety of custom reports from competitive intelligence to region/industry specific prospecting reports.  Gain the edge and contact us today.

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