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Wealth managers and financial advisors need actionable intelligence to find valuable clients, and track their holdings across different companies and securities. CorpExec Equity Insights is a powerful prospecting tool with search features that allow you to target prospects based on your team’s area of expertise. We make it easy to analyze an executive’s publicly disclosed holdings at a glance, while at the same time we provide the resources to do in-depth analysis.

With flexible payment options, you only pay for the insights that you gain, making it an affordable option whether you are looking for dozens of clients or hundreds.

Easily move between an individual’s companies, and add an individual to your list with just a click. We make it easy to spot opportunities without pouring through stacks of SEC filings.

Site Features Include:

  • Company Overview: view an executive roster, equity ownership breakdown, recent transactions, most recent brokers used, and more information at a company-wide level
  • Executive Overview: view an individual's net worth, their information across companies, detailed securities breakdown, information about tranches of derivatives including expiration dates, their related entities, and latest broker used 
  • Lists: make lists to track prospective and existing clients, companies of interest, and record custom notes for easy review
  • Search: find individuals based on specific criteria, including assets held, industry, market cap, region, recent trades, and more!
  • Insights: use our pre-selected criteria to identify opportunities and interesting trends from the data
  • Report: get emails about individuals you’re monitoring, as well as emails with information from equity insights you’re following

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