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The Washington Service’s custom insider trading and EDGAR data feeds and formats offer tailored solutions that facilitate integration of our data with clients’ in-house systems. We have low-latency feeds that receive data from redundant sources so you can receive the data quickly and reliably. Alternatively, The Washington Service is able to filter and QA the data in house and send you a polished spreadsheet with only the data relevant to your firm. All of our products are backed by The Washington Service's legendary customer service and technical expertise.

Unlike data feeds directly from the SEC, The Washington Service can prioritze/filter on specific form types. Let us filter out  the noise and ensure that your firm receives the most relevant information at the fastest speeds.

Receive raw, clean, and amended data as each become available with reliable timestamps

Receive human-proofed data in our proprietary aggregated format for easy consumption, available within moments of the filing release.

Our bespoke Form 144 datafeed provides subscribers with our fastest delivery speeds.  Although public filings, Form 144s are still predominantly filed on paper; therefore, this dataset would provide your firm with a unique informational edge over your competition.  Additionally, Form 144s are able to foretell sales and provide information concerning insiders' related trusts/entities.  For more about the advantages of Form 144 filings, please see our Form 144 Insights page.

The Washington Service’s Form 4 process:

Our proprietary software and multiple human-proofing stages allow us to provide timely, accurate, high-quality data. Every Form 4 is read by two members of our experienced Data Team to ensure the highest data quality. For every Form 4, The Washington Service:

  • Gathers trade information from free-text footnotes
  • Standardizes company titles
  • Matches insider profiles across companies
  • Records Rule 10b5-1 Datapoints including: planned flag, adoption date, amended plan date (if applicable)
  • Contacts companies/insiders to clarify filing information


Restricted Stock Sales (Form 144s):

Form 144 filings are still primarily filed on paper; therefore, the vast majority of the filings are not available through the SEC EDGAR system. The Washington Service has the most extensive database of Form 144 filings. Unlike others, The Washington Service individually keys each Form 144 - matching each form to a company and insider as well as extracting trade and 10b5-1 plan data. Our proprietary process allows us to do all this in record time, ensuring our subscribers have access to the most timely data.


Historical Data

The Washington Service database covers over 30 years of insider trading history.  This data can allow your firm to build and/or test internal models and algorithms while controlling for market cycles and variations.  

Contact Us to Get Started

The Washington Service has a long history of working with investment professionals to tailor these services to give our clients the most helpful and relevant information for their needs. Please contact us to discuss our customizable data products.

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