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Our Data

The Washington Service (WS) specializes in insider trading forms filed with the SEC such as Form 3, Form 4, and Form 5, as well as Form 144, a form indicating an intention to sell restricted securities. Our extensive database of corporate filings covers all Form 3/4/5 dated back to 1988, as well as all corporate filings on EDGAR dated back to 1996, and Form 144s dated back to 2002. 

WS captures transaction data from these insider trading forms and aggregate similar transactions into "decision-level" insider activity for our clients' convenience. If an insider sells stock throughout a particular month, our clients can receive either transaction-level detail or decision-level detail, depending on their research needs.

We also use a proprietary process to map an insider's Form 4 activity to Form 144 activity by the insider or their related trusts and entities. This process provides our clients with a broader picture of an insider's trading activity and sentiment. 

Our extensive 10b5-1 plan database captures all planned activity on Form 4 and Form 144, as well as all plan disclosures made on corporate filings via EDGAR. 

WS also captures holdings data for all insiders and entities that file insider trading forms, which provides a comprehensive view of an insider's total ownership of equity at their company.

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