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Insider Trading Reports

The Washington Service (WS) offers Insider Trading reports, with custom parameters and delivery options available. 

Key Features

Using advanced filtering, Insider Trading Reports can be customized to receive the most relevant information for your research program. Select parameters for transaction types, industries, company relationships, market cap, and more. 

The standard format of our insider trading reports is Excel files, but other formats (such as CSV files) are available upon request.

Our insider trading reports can be received daily, weekly, or monthly via email.

Popular Reports

Delivered weekly; includes all Form 3s filed in the preceding week to highlight new insiders and their holdings. Includes (where available) the company name, insider name, address, and total holdings from each filing.

Delivered monthly; includes broker rankings for the Form 144 market in the previous month and year-to-date. Broker-level value, shares, filings, and average filing value information are provided for each of the top brokers.

A weekly report that describes insider trading activity broken down by industry. Includes aggregate purchases and sales by industry insiders over time and across industry groups.

Delivered weekly; provides a list of Form 144 transactions that have not been fulfilled fully or at all by corresponding Form 4s. Includes number of remaining shares not yet sold, as well as current market value of those shares.

The Washington Service database covers over 35 years of insider trading history. This data can allow your firm to build and/or test internal models and algorithms while controlling for market cycles and variations.  

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