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Brokerage Firms

Stay up-to-date on factors affecting the brokerage market, including 144 market trends, 10b5-1 plan disclosures and activity, and delinquent filer notifications. The Washington Service (WS) offers an array of products that capture insights on these crucial research domains and more. Browse our product recommendations for brokerage firms, and leverage our industry experience to bolster your business performance.

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Recommended Products

EZ-Insider is a web-application providing current and historical Insider Trading data for all U.S. companies and insiders dating back to 1988. Real-time transaction updates show the most recent filings to keep you apprised of new insider activity. With advanced filtering and reporting features built in, EZ-Insider is a convenient and accessible platform for insider trading analysis.

Our Insider Trading API allows clients to access up-to-the-minute Form 4 and Form 144 data, derived from ownership filings made with the SEC. Retrieve transactions by company or filer, resolve company and filer with CIK, and more. This API is under active development and additional features are made available regularly.

Insider on Snowflake provides access to live and ready-to-use Form 4/5 and 144 data with updates within three minutes of a filing. Firms already on the Snowflake platform can reduce integration costs by eliminating ETL complexities while still getting access to the insider trading data they need.

Insider Trading Reports are fully customizable, as we offer formatting and delivery method options that fit your research needs. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly emailed reports. With customizable report parameters, get your data custom fit for your research process.

Our Rule 10b5-1 Plan Database is a comprehensive database made up of plan information disclosed in Form 4/5s, Form 144s, and other EDGAR filings, such as 10-Q, 10-K, etc. Our data includes plan adoption dates starting in 2016.

The database also improves on the trade-level reporting by including disclosures and transactions by related entities (e.g. family trusts), and by matching Form 4 and Form 144 transactions to their corresponding plans.

EZ-CorpDox is a full-featured, easy-to-use web-application for searching, displaying, and retrieving SEC EDGAR filings. Features like full-text keyword search, advanced reports, and real-time notifications set EZ-CorpDox apart from other corporate filing applications. 

Our EDGAR Feed is a mirror copy of official SEC filings. WS maintains multiple channels to the SEC to ensure we are receiving documents with minimum latency. Our EDGAR feed data can be formatted to fit any workflow, allowing the choice of all documents or filtered documents based on certain criteria.

Our Delinquent Filer Notification API allows clients to establish a watchlist of companies that are monitored for delinquency in their quarterly and annual filings. The companies are monitored in real-time, based upon EDGAR filings released by the SEC.

Our Institutional Ownership Data is updated quarterly, when institutional investment managers that manage at least $100 million file 13F filings with the SEC. Access managers' holdings and identify trends and position changes between reports.

Custom Research and Reports cover a wide array of topics. Recipients are able to choose the format and delivery method of their reports, as well as delivery frequency.

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