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Equity Planner API


The Equity Planner API is a Form 4 and Form 144 API geared towards wealth managers and corporate equity planners. This is a convenient tool with two tiers of service so that users can pick the service to fit their budget. 

Basic Service


  • Form 4 historical data depth of 3 years
  • Unlimited calls per day
  • Retrieve transactions by company (ticker, FIGI, CIK)
  • Retrieve transactions by filer (CIK) and company (ticker, FIGI, CIK)

Advanced Service

Additional Features:

  • Form 144 historical data depth of 3 years
  • Resolve company with ticker, FIGI, or CIK
  • Resolve filer with CIK
  • Look up filer CIK by name and optionally company
  • Look up filer roster by company (response includes CIKs)
  • Option to return related filers* with transaction and filer look ups

*Trusts and other entities, including other individuals such as a spouse, that are related to a filer are also subject to Section 16 regulation. WS has a proprietary system that connects insiders with these related filers, allowing for the linking of transactions across related filers and form types.

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