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Corporate Filings

The Washington Service (WS) maintains a low-latency feed that captures all corporate filings submitted to the SEC’s EDGAR system in real-time. We offer a number of tools to aid in the search and filtering of information found in these filings, such as full-text keyword searching and advanced reporting. Find out how we can streamline your corporate finance research with our advanced tools.   

EZ-CorpDox is a full-featured, easy-to-use web-application for searching, displaying, and retrieving SEC EDGAR filings. Features like full-text keyword search, advanced reports, and real-time notifications set EZ-CorpDox apart from other corporate filing applications. 

Our EDGAR Feed is a mirror copy of official SEC filings. WS maintains multiple channels to the SEC to ensure we are receiving documents with minimum latency. Our EDGAR feed data can be formatted to fit any workflow, allowing the choice of all documents or filtered documents based on certain criteria.

Our Delinquent Filer Notification API allows clients to establish a watchlist of companies that are monitored for delinquency in their quarterly and annual filings. The companies are monitored in real-time, based upon EDGAR filings released by the SEC.

Our Institutional Ownership Data is updated quarterly, when institutional investment managers that manage at least $100 million file 13F filings with the SEC. Access managers' holdings and identify trends and position changes between reports.

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